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January Quarantine Bark-et List!

January Quarantine Bark-et List!

7 things to do with your pet during this chilly January quarantine! We’re halfway to spring and while staying inside can seem monotonous and overwhelming at times, we’ve compiled this list of 7 things you can do with your pet to keep energy and spirit levels high! Next time you feel the need to pull yourself away from the world, try one of these fun ideas. 

  1. A DIY pet-friendly treat recipe! We have a few fan favorites that we’ve listed on our blog, like this one.

  2. Pet photoshoot! Grab your pet, your phone, and your fave wagwear gear and snap some cute pics. We can never have too many pet photos! Share your favorites with us on Instagram @wagwear

    3. Dog yoga a.k.a Doga. Yes, you heard us right… yoga with your pet. Is your pup constantly trying to get your attention while you workout? Try incorporating them into the workout next time for some fun results. A quick google search will give you plenty of workouts to try like this one.

    4. Pamper yourself and your pet with a spa day for 2! A little TLC goes a long way in these times, take advantage of this time at home by grooming their nails, coat, and teeth. To give you the best ideas, we made this Grooming 101 blog post!

  1. Teach your pet new tricks, learn new behaviors, training methods, or brush up on positive reinforcement. This time at home can be perfect for finally getting your pup to ditch whatever bad habit they’ve picked up.
    And of course, don’t forget the treats!

    6. Play some classic games. Hide and go seek, tug-of-war, fetch, or bubble blowing are all classics that really never get old! Create a challenge by hiding the treats around your house or apartment and putting their noses to the test. 

  1. When in doubt, Netflix and snuggle. Need a day off from the chaos of daily life? There’s no other being on Earth more happy to spend a couch day with you than your dog. Though, you might have to tire them out first with a masked walk around the block.

    There’s nothing quite like the emotional support and unconditional love a dog brings into a home. If there’s one positive thing about being stuck inside this winter, it’s getting that extra time to bond with our furry family members! We hope this list helps bring you and your pup a little extra joy this winter!

    Tried a few of these ideas? Don’t forget to tag us on social @wagwear !
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