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Nose to Toes Home Grooming

Nose to Toes Home Grooming

Hygienic dogs are healthy dogs! Unlike their human counterparts, dogs don’t need to be groomed everyday, in fact, washing your dog everyday could lead to an increase in dry sensitive skin. While some breeds require frequent grooming over others, all dogs benefit from regular grooming on their teeth, ears, nails, and coats. Go the extra mile with things like nose and paw moisturizers, perfect for the upcoming chilly months. Let’s talk about the best tools to groom your furry best friend, how frequently you should do it, and how it can increase your bond!

As stated above, the frequency at which you groom your dog highly depends on your dog's breed, but as a general rule of thumb spending time once a month on grooming is a good idea. For puppies who have never been professionally groomed, it’s best to brush them a little more regularly to get them desensitized when they go in for professional grooming!

First, you need to obtain the right tools. You’re going to need a dog friendly shampoo, never use human products on your pets. Nail clippers, a few towels or cloth that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, an appropriate brush for your dog's coat, cotton balls, pad and nose moisturizer, dog safe toothbrush & paste! Now, let’s break down each!

There are a plethora of shampoos out there and it can be overwhelming to choose. For puppies, we recommend this K & K Puppy Shampoo which is extra gentle and is free of fragrances, sulfates, and parabens to ensure a gentle effective, tear free clean!

If your pup needs a little extra care we recommend this shampoo for flea and tick relief. It’s full of essential oils that are vet tested and approved to provide safe and natural pest relief.

For your no fuss best friend that is out of puppy stage and just needs a moisturizing, organic, shampoo that gets the job done try this Kin Organics Cedar + Fig Shampoo. Smells amazing, totally safe, and leaves your pets coat nice and glossy.

You’ll need a cloth or towels to wipe down any dirt, debris, or general messiness from your dog's coat. While you’re wiping them down make sure to look for ticks and fleas and anything in general that might seem strange on your dogs skin. As always, part of taking care of your pup properly is making sure they're up to date on all of their vaccines, deworming, and flea and tick care, but if your furry friend just can’t seem to keep those pests away try this flea and tick spray which is formulated completely natural and safe and made to be sprayed on your dogs coat before you go on hikes and adventures.

The brush you use will depend on your dog's coat length and density. It’s important that you use the right type or it may prove to be ineffective. For short hair dogs, this dual sided brush is perfect. The long bristle grooming side features gentle massaging pins to detangle effortlessly, while the boar brush bristles smooth and shine. There are brushes suitable for wiry coats, curly coats, double coats, and dogs who shed a lot. In general longer bristles are better for longer hair. If your pooch has a wiry coat stiffer bristles are your best option.

Clean ears make a happy pup! You’ll want to pay special attention to your dogs ears weekly as some breeds are prone to build up and ear infections. Go in with a damp cotton ball or damp rag, be careful not to squeeze water into their ear canal and always dry thoroughly. A few drops of this ear cleanser removes odors and waxy build up. The alcohol-free treatment won’t sting and is made without water to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria!

You can find chews that clean your dog's teeth and freshen their breath or you can take a more literal approach and buy a dog sized toothbrush and toothpaste. For dogs, plaque buildup happens after 48 hours, so it’s best to groom your dogs teeth daily to prevent problems down the line.

Natural elements can be rough on your pets exposed skin such as the pads of their feet and their noses. Especially with colder months coming up you’ll want to check regularly and prevent cracking skin with a moisturizer stick like this one. Made with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, and organic aloe this moisturizer protects against salt, hot asphalt, and ice!

While grooming can seem like a chore for both you and your pet, you can view it as a chance to connect with your dog and strengthen the already strong bond between pet and owner. It’s a chance for them to be showered in your love and care (as if they aren’t already) and can prove to be an effective way to spend quality time! 

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