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Winter Weather Guide

Winter Weather Guide

Winter is here and the dropping temperatures and snow flurries create the perfect opportunity to get outside with your pet and play! We’ve put together this winter wear guide for pet parents to turn dreary wet days into fun cozy adventures!

Gone are the days of cold paws and muddy tracks in the house! These 100% rubber wagwellies are made for protecting your dog’s paws from ice and salt! They also keep them dry so you can skip the step of washing your pet’s paws before they run around the house.

This cable knit Fishermans sweater is an adorable and stylish option for keeping your short haired dogs warm inside or out on short walks. It’s made from 100% Aran wool and comes in 5 solid colors!

A good puffer jacket has been a fan favorite among humans and animals alike for years. The reason is because the quilted design of the jackets keep the insulation in place, creating a very durable and ultra warm piece! Our puffers are available in jacket style or vest! They come in bright solid colors so you won’t lose your pet in the snow.

Each piece is wind-proof, water-resistant, and crafted from a Nylon outer shell, which makes clean up a breeze. The alternative down poly filling is vegan and makes for a highly compressible jacket and vest!

An extra cozy and stylish option for those dryer winter days are our Monkey Fleece Vests and Jackets! Fleece is a great option for warmth and comfort because of how soft it is and how the short pile fabric increases body temperature when against the skin.

This highly breathable material was first crafted with the intention of keeping warm while being active, making it the perfect option for dogs! Another great fleece option is the lighter-weight turtle neck jumpers, great for pups that have a heavier winter coat to start.

This quilted vest with a berber fleece lining pairs perfectly with dogs that are used to walking with a harness and is fitted specially to mimic that! The quilted nylon exterior is water-resistant for those winter walks and the minimal but effective fleece lining keeps your pups warm and dry.

Browse our full range of winter gear here! Don’t let the winter weather stop you from daily walks and adventures outside. This winter gear guide is made to ease some of the less-than glamorous aspects of winter walks by keeping your dog warm and dry. 

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