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Bone Appétit - Choosing the best treats based on habits, age and more!

Bone Appétit - Choosing the best treats based on habits, age and more!

Let’s talk treats! Your dog’s favorite five letter word. At the mere mention of treats your pup will be alert and eager to please. Treats serve several delicious functions, from enticing and rewarding, to celebrating and everything good in between!

Not all treats are made the same however, and believe it or not, you’ll get more use out of your choice of treat if you have a specific function in mind. Read on for our tips on choosing the best treats for your dog based on their age, breed, and behavior!

1. Puppies & Training:

It’s best to start small! There are so many kinds of puppy-sized treats, it might take a few tries before you find out which flavors your pup goes bonkers for. A fan favorite are these Chicken Littles Training Bits, perfectly bite-sized for your puppy with growing teeth and great for stashing in your pocket when you go on walks. What we love about Chicken Littles is that they’re made with all-natural US chicken and long-grain brown rice, making them a healthy choice and favorite among picky eaters. They also come in delicious Duck flavor for those with a more refined palette!

Tip for owners of toy breeds:
For those with tiny young puppies (chihuahua, pomeranian, pug etc) the Chicken Littles can easily be crushed into bits with your hands!

2. For the Senior Dogs

The Wonder Nuggets (which also come in drool inducing peanut butter flavor) are perfect for any dog regardless of breed or age. They are made with all-natural simple ingredients like rolled oats and dried meat and their soft texture makes for a perfectly chewy scrumptious option for sensitive teeth.
As your dog ages, they are at higher risk for weight and obesity-related health issues so it is even more important to make sure you are factoring their treats into their meal sizes.

3. For The Busy Chewer:

For the pup that likes to chew through everything (r.i.p. socks and slippers), we recommend something a little more tough like these Cod Skins. We’ve all seen our dog inhale a treat so fast you wonder if they took the time to taste it! These tougher, long skins act like a bone for them to gnaw on, keeping them entertained and out of trouble while also helping to scrape the plaque off their teeth. With something like Cod Skins and Haddock Skins your dog is getting a healthy dose of protein that they can savor for a few hours.

4. Something A Little Extra Special:

Who doesn’t love an excuse to spoil their pup little?! A fun way to show your furbaby a little extra love is with special treats they don't get very often. These are great for intense training, habit-breaking, amazing behavior, or a special occasion!

These high value treats can be moist, fresh, freeze-dried and tend to be extra smelly. A great option is Polkadog Chicken Strip Jerky. Made with 100% USA chicken breast, these high value treats are perfect for any age pup of any breed. They’re nice and balanced, not too tough for those with sensitive or young teeth, and perfectly chewy so they’re not gone in a snap!

5. Recipes:

Always look up dog-safe recipes when you’re making your own. Some of our best dog-approved treat DIY’s like this cake and these watermelon treats are a great place to start becoming the chef your pup deserves!
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