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Meet the Doodle-Duo Behind the Brand

Meet the Doodle-Duo Behind the Brand

Meet the dogs behind the Wagwear brand; the doodle-duo Edison & Sonny!


Born: May 8th 2017

Family to: Amy Harlow, Founder & CEO of Wagwear

Occupation: Quality Control, Part-Time Model & Warehouse Greeter

Breed: Mini Golden Doodle (half golden retriever half poodle.) 

“I would venture to say he is half human as well if that was possible”
- Amy

He loves hikes, swimming and his BFF Sonny.
He never met a puddle he did not want to lay in. He is a very loving affectionate dog. When there is any hugging going on in the home, he has to jump up and join in. 



Favorite Wagwear Item:
Edison loves modeling his Wagwellies and pairing them with his color-coordinated outfits!




Born: June 23, 2017

Family to: Jenny Lange, Warehouse Manager at Wagwear

Occupation: Quality Control, Part-Time Model & Snack Inventory Management

Breed: Wheaton Terrier and Standard Poodle (Whoodle)

“Sonny is my third child. He is the boy I always wanted… I also have two human daughters Isabel 11and Stella 8.

He was born on June 23, 2017 on a horse farm in Minnesota. He came home with us August of 17’ and It has been pure joy ever since.”
- Jenny

He loves to hike, swim, play hide and seek, car rides, his squeaky toys especially his sloth also named Sonny (no relation).

Sonny eats most foods. He has a distaste for pretzels and trout skin. 

Sonny loves his Momma and sleeps with her every night. (However, she believes that if Sonny was given the opportunity to choose between a tasty piece of meat or me he would choose the meat!)
He has a bad bad habit of stealing food off of the table, out of your hand,  the garbage can, and well you get the point. Other than that he is the best behaved boy! 

Favorite Wagwear Item:

Sonny looks great in all tie-dye and has a Wagwear collar and leash. He also is partial to the Camouflage Collection.

Edison & Sonny on Lunch Break at the Wagwear Warehouse


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