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The Paw-fect Summer Fashion Must-Haves!

The Paw-fect Summer Fashion Must-Haves!

Move aside spring, summer is in full swing with the blazing temps, cooling pool dips, cold sweet treats and beach days we’ve been dreaming of!

Here are our favorite summer staples to keep your pup dressed to the canines on all of their summer adventures!

1. Name a better summer shoe than Wagwellies Mojave, we’ll wait. These amazing ventilated shoes protect your pets paws through everything from hot pavement to rocky hiking trails! The 100% gum rubber, fun colorways, and airy design make this shoe a definite summer fashion must have.
Tip: An easy way to test if the pavement is too hot for your dog’s paws is to stand on it with your bare feet. If you can’t last more than 10 seconds without moving then it's too hot for your pet!

2. Keep dry during summer storms with this all weather reflective raincoat. Unlike our raincoats with sleeves, this one is more of a poncho… for your dog! It straps underneath their stomach and secures around their neck for a light but fully-functional raincoat. The design allows easy movement, so feel free to plan a playdate the next time you see light rain. 

3. You’re on a hike with your furry best friend. You’ve come prepared with water for both of you, food, waste bags, and other things. Wouldn’t it be easier if your dog could carry their own essentials? With this level 10 adorable mini canvas dog backpack, they can! This durable backpack is easy to slip on and off and super easy to clean, making it the perfect item to accessorize your dog with on your next outing. Not to mention it has 2 compartments and comes in 3 sizes!

4. Let’s be honest, nautical-inspired fashion is an evergreen summer style! These slip-on tees are perfect for boat rides, cooler evenings, lounging around the house, and really anything you can think of. The best part is that they’re machine washable and come in several different styles. Cute photo op idea for the gram: Grab a nautical tee and some dog sunglasses and you have a cheeky casual summer look!

5. It’s bonfire night, and the s’mores are toastin’ away on the open fire. The sun’s gone down and a cool night breeze is kicking in- reach for this classic Cotton Hoodie for a little extra warmth! Cozy cotton and completely adorable, this hoodie is a mid-summer must!

No matter what the weather is like outside, don’t hesitate to show off your personal style!
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