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Summer Tie-Dye

Summer Tie-Dye

Did you know that tie-dye is making a huge comeback?

This fun pattern has quickly gained its way back into the spotlight

It's been spotted from high fashion runways to DIY tutorials. 

We are absolutely loving it!

Why now? Most likely because it fits right in with the current trends in upcycled, sustainable fashion as well as retro and nostalgic styles. Not only this, but while people have been spending more time at home, this has sparked a wider interest in getting creative with DIY projects and new hobbies that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home or backyard (ie. Tie-dye!).

But you don’t have to be crafty to get in on this fun trend!

Here's why you and your pup might want to try this trend this season.

It adds a fun pop of color!
Quite literally, the bold colors and patterns brighten up any look. But did you know that studies show that bold, fun colors have a positive effect in brightening up our moods?

With quarantine and world events being what they are, it's nice to find fun ways to bring a little sunshine into you and your pet's life! Try adding a fun pop of color with our indigo-bandana 


Keep your dog looking stylish
Who said fashion trends are just for humans?

As this psychedelic style makes its way back into wardrobes, now is the perfect time to make sure your pets are looking groovy as well! Our Woodstock Tie-Dye T-shirt  is the perfect unique addition to your dog’s summer wardrobe.

Easy to Match

Who doesn't love to match their pup? Since tie-dye is trending across a variety of different apparel right now, it’s never been easier to have a twin day with your pup!

Your Go-to Fall Hoodie 
Our tie-dye hoodie is perfect for when things start to get a bit chilly out but you're not quite ready to pull out the puffers. It makes for the coziest outfit to curl up by the fireside in!

Not only this, but if you’re always digging around last minute for the perfect costume for your pooch, a tie-dye piece can make for an easy DIY costume. With a tie-dye t-shirt, all you need is a quick pair of groovy glasses or a peace sign necklace and you’ve got yourself an adorable hippie! 

The unofficial quarantine uniform
Tie-dye is reminiscent of the ’60s where fashion saw a rise in anti-fashion, notably tie-dye. The counterculture style represented peace, love, and freedom. It’s gained popularity as the unofficial uniform of quarantine because psychologically if we’re all wearing the same thing, we’re more likely to feel like we’re a part of a community. And what’s community without adding our furry friends?!


So, If you're looking to give this trend a go, we've got you covered with our collection of tie-dye shirts and accessories.

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