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Happy National Dog Appreciation Day!

Happy National Dog Appreciation Day!

Ask any pet owner, and they’ll tell you that their pup deserves all the belly-rubs, chicken-sticks, and ear scratches we can dole out. Today is National Dog Appreciation Day, but we dog owners know that we don’t need a national holiday to spoil the crap out of our dogs. Read on for 5 ways you can show your fur baby some extra love and appreciation!

1. Fancy Food / New Treats
One of the most obvious ways to appreciate your dog, whether that’s on today, on their birthday or any day, is to invest in some higher quality treats or food to spoil your pup's palette! Made in Boston, MA Polkadog fish-skins and wonder-nuggets are a fantastic treat well worth the extra penny! Polkadog’s treats are made with USA-sourced, 100% natural ingredients. We suggest the Turkey & Cranberry Wonder Nuggets and the Haddock Fish Skins!

You can always take the DIY approach with this one, read here for our favorite DIY watermelon treats!

2. At-Home Spa Day. 

Spa days can actually be a fantastic bonding experience with your pooch. First, brush and bathe. Brush your dog before washing them, as it will encourage debris to fall out of their coats and eliminate any loose fur. We recommend using a high-quality shampoo with natural ingredients and beneficial coat materials. Dogs have sensitive skin and for that reason, we recommend USA-made Kin Organic shampoo which moisturizes and prevents dry skin and flaking. USA made K&K makes a great line of shampoo specifically for puppies, and other things like flea & tick! Next, a relaxing massage which can stimulate good coat oils and tranquility. Lastly, don’t forget to wrap up your dog in a fluffy towel and reward with a treat! How cute!

3. Park Playdate. 

Sun, water, and good food are the perfect remedy for a perfect summer weekend. Call some friends, fill up the kiddie pool, and let the dogs splash around while you grill. Or, you can arrange to meet up at a local park so the dogs can play there, or take your dog to the dog park for a few hours of exercise and socialization.

4. Take your dog on a hike! 

Devote the day to exploring the outdoors and your pet will happily sniff everything in sight. Plus, they’ll get to spend all day with you and what could be better than that! Remember to obey the leash-laws of the trail and take along some water for your pup! We love these canvas water bowls, they’re collapsable, plastic-free, and easy to wash!

5. Cuddle sessions. 

Schedule some quality snuggle time with your pup to let them know they’re loved and appreciated, maybe in the morning on the bed or couch, or after a long day before bed. This will mean they’re less likely to get clingy if you have to boot them out of the bed or leave to go do laundry. A morning cuddle session should encourage your pup to go about the day without feeling ignored.

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to showing your dog a little extra love. Your pup will appreciate you switching up their meals, treats, and toys, or bringing them on a special adventure, strengthening that special bond for years to come!
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