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Tips on choosing the right and comfiest bed for your dog!

Tips on choosing the right and comfiest bed for your dog!


What is more rewarding than curling up after a long day of playing in the dog park? Curling up on the perfect bed of course! Your dog’s bed is their safe haven and a place of their very own where they can rest and recharge unguarded. Since our pets are a part of our family, they deserve no less than the very best. Read below to see our tips on choosing the best fitting and most comfortable bed for your dog.

With so many to choose from, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Ease: you’ll want something that washes easily.

Durability: made to withstand any digging and long-term use.
And of course, pup-approved comfort!

Dog beds sell at a multitude of different price points but we suggest buying a high quality one within your budget rather than a bargain bed that you’ll only have to replace a few years down the line.

Determining The Size:

Most dog beds available will tell you what size breed it’ll suit best. But you want to be sure, that’s why you’re here after all.

1. Measure your pup from nose to tail while they’re laying down and add 8”-12” to get the appropriate size bed you’ll want to look for.

When in doubt, always measure up. Don’t forget to make sure that the bed you’re choosing fits properly in the space of your house!

Determining The Shape:

For the dogs who like to curl up

The Beach Ball Bed is perfect for the pups who like to snuggle and be surrounded by comfort. It’s oval style envelops your dog in comfort, think sleeping on a cloud.

For the sprawlers

The Bandana bed or Check bed! For the dogs who like to just lay outstretched in all directions, a simple rectangle bed will do!

For the ones that like to lean or rest their head

Try a dog bed that closer resembles a bolster style or dog couch. One like the Canvas DOG bed or the Madras bed!

For the senior pups that require a little extra love

Choose a bed that has orthopedic memory foam for pets that are aging or arthritic. Orthopedic memory foam will provide proper support and relief. You can also look for a waterproof liner for ease when washing it!

Can’t forget to tuck your dog in! Get them nice and snug with a multi-use, plush blanket like this one. Toys can also be a great addition for a pup of any age, our new Fluff & Tuff otter is the perfect addition!

Determining The Design:

Who says comfy and attractive can’t go together? Your pet’s bed should reflect your personal style as well as theirs. That’s why we offer a few different designs ranging from solid-colored, checkered, dual-color, and fun patterns!

Easy Clean Features:

Let’s face it, our pets beds will ultimately get dirty one way or another. You may want to choose a bed that is machine washable or has a removable outer shell to make things easier for you!

Hopefully, these tips help you feel less overwhelmed when looking through the thousands of potential beds for your dog! Start by observing your pet's behavior, that’s how you’ll determine a dog bed suitable for their personal needs, size, and habits! 

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