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The Perfect Fall Photoshoot With Your Pup

The Perfect Fall Photoshoot With Your Pup

Few things in life spark joy quite like a themed pet photoshoot. Nowadays it seems like you need the latest presets or a whole editing software to keep up with your favorite pet influencers. When you don’t have access to extra bells and whistles, here are a few tips on making your next fall themed pet photoshoot the best one yet. No pup-arazzi, please!

Start with an idea

Work smarter, not harder, is something we’ve all heard that applies to literally everything in life…. And yes, that includes pet photography! The best way to ensure you have a fun and great-looking fall themed photoshoot is to go into it with a plan. Decide your setting, props, vibe, goals, and what you’ll need to keep your pup happy while you’re snapping away. Will it be outside at dusk in the middle of a pumpkin patch or indoors next to your fall themed living room decor? Even if you don’t need any props or special circumstances, it’ll be best to commit to the vision before you execute it. 

Looking for some inspo? Check out our blog post about 5 things to do with your pet this fall!

Gather your props

Places like michaels, a.c moore, and craft stores are great places to find really fun and budget friendly prop items that can also double as seasonal decor. If you’re looking for fall themed outfits, we recommend this Fisherman Sweater, the Monkey Fleece or Puffer Vest. Getting all your props ahead of time whether that's a string of maple leaves and fairy lights or an entire outfit ensemble will make life easier for you and your pet when the time comes to shoot.  

Find your lighting

Nothing quite says fall like evening dusk, golden hour lighting. The newest phones have a setting that allows for great night photography which you can take advantage of by watching a few short tutorials on youtube. If that’s not available to you or if you are using a camera, have them face the direction of the light (so your back is to the sun while you are shooting) which will be changing rapidly at dusk. If you choose to shoot at dawn or dusk, having everything planned out ahead of time will also ensure that you spend minimal time on set up and maximal time on shooting.

Prepare your pup 

Are you going to need treats, water, a poop-bag, and extras of everything? Maybe bring their favorite toy to hold behind the camera to capture their attention. Do they get overstimulated by crowds and distracted by strangers easily? You don’t want to be competing for their attention in an overcrowded pumpkin patch, so it’ll be best to include these preparations in your early planning.

Ready, set, shoot!

Get familiar with your phone or DSLR camera’s settings. Youtube is a great place for this. Lucky for us, our pets don’t really have any bad angles! Don’t be afraid to shoot everything and anything, you can weed out the ones you don’t like later from the comfort of your couch.

Bonus tip: Get that paw-fect pose! Certain sounds, like squeaky toys will intrigue your dog resulting in that adorable picture-perfect head tilt we all know so well. Try speaking the toy right before the shot to get their attention, and of course, always treat them to a reward afterwards!

Post Editing

Free apps like Snapseed, VSCO, Afterlight all offer free editing and preset options that you don’t have to buy. Also, you can do a lot with just your phone's editor, like adjust the exposure and saturation right from the camera app. Looking to take it a little further? You can’t go wrong with Adobe Lightroom, the premiere photo editing software used by professionals for anything between wedding photos to pet photography to travel blogs. (plus, the mobile version is free!)


Go ahead, don’t be shy! Upload those amazing fall themed photos to social media, rarely has anyone ever complained about seeing too many dogs on their feed. Customize the caption to fit your theme or pet’s personality and you’re golden!

Remember, no one gets it perfectly the first time around. The best part of pet photoshoots are that they are fun and a great bonding experience for you and your furry bestie. Don’t forget to tag us @wagwear so we can see your adorable fall photos! 

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