Summer Fun! Tips On Getting Your Puppy To Swim

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, we’re breaking out the floaties and paddle boards, and bringing along our best furry friend! Read below for tips on how to get your pooch to doggy-paddle as good as the rest of ‘em!


1. Safety first!

Novice or pro, never leave your pup unattended in any water, yes, even the bath. When your pup is learning to swim, equip them with a life jacket that fits their size and weight. You’ll want to get your pup familiar with wearing it before they hit the water. Try putting it on them during dinner or bath time and rewarding them with treats.

2. Start young

You can start getting your puppy comfortable with water as soon as you bring them home! The bathtub is a great place to get your furry friend acclimated to the water, it’s also a great place to have them try out their life jacket.

3. Ease your pup in

It’s normal if your dog doesn’t take to water like a fish on their first day. Start by putting your pup in an area where it slowly inclines deeper. Make sure that you can be right there to monitor. Gradually you can guide your pooch deeper, try treats or if your dog likes to retrieve try tossing a ball gently away from them.

Through lots of patience, attention, and treats any pup can become the next best swimmer! Remember to always monitor your pup and fit them with a life jacket if they're still learning. Ease them in somewhere they can gradually go from shallow to deep water. In no-time you’ll have a dog eager to get their paws wet!