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Make Fall Clean Up Easier!

Make Fall Clean Up Easier!

It's that time of the year again–Fall. And with the muddy, snowy and wet weather, this can be a messy time of year. We wanted to share our tried-and-tested, easy-to-use and fun materials with you to make post-walkies clean up a breeze!


Nylon is a synthetic material used in many different products. Nylon fibers are exceptionally strong, flexible and abrasion resistant. It’s also made to be easily cleaned and stain resistant! In fact, a few common household items are all you need to clean stains from a nylon jacket. 

To clean nylon, use soap and water. For harder stains, use a brush or a stain-specific cleaner. You may also determine if the fabric is machine washable by checking the label found inside the nylon jacket.

Mud and splashing from the sidewalk? Look no further than Wagwear’s Nylon Rainbreaker to keep your pet comfortable and dry in wet weather. So easy to put on, clean and take off. 


Gum Rubber

Natural rubber, also commonly known as Gum Rubber, has many advantages due to its superior resistance to tearing and abrasion. It’s a great choice of material for dog booties because it provides protection from ice, snow, and salt in the winter or hot asphalt in the summer.

@mowgli.chewie.pomskies wearing WagWellies® in the color Red.

Cleaning your Wagwellies® post-walks can keep them looking newer longer, and save you from needing to buy another pair for some time. Discoloration of the rubber on your shoes is often caused by a buildup of dirt and debris. While they may appear worn to you, you can easily revitalize your shoes with a bit of baking soda, detergent and light scrubbing. Just make sure to keep the vinegar away, as its acidity can eat away at rubber! 


Poly-Down Filling

Poly-down filling is a material commonly used in winter jackets to provide lightweight insulation. This durable and quick-drying material provides insulation even when wet. As an added convenience, they are completely machine washable and maintain their shape well! 

Wagwear’s water and wind-resistant Puffer Vest will help your pupper get through the Fall season and make a perfect piece for layering as the weather gets even colder! Did we mention they are reversible?!



Polyvinyl chloride, mainly known as PVC or vinyl, is a water-resistant plastic commonly utilized to make raincoats and other types of protective outerwear. A PVC jacket can keep you dry in a variety of weather, and does not require special care or cleaning products. 

A simple cleaning method we recommend using is: dishwashing liquid/soap, warm water, and a soft brush/cloth. Using strong solvents and other abrasive cleaning methods will only damage the protective lacquer and its waterproofing qualities! 

Check out Wagwear’s Reflective All-Weather Raincoat (Wax Coat). Perfect for a light shower or walk in the rain, the wax coating keeps the water OFF! The reflective PVC stripe ensures your pupper can be seen at night/in the dark.

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