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Autumn Hiking Tips with Your Pup!

Autumn Hiking Tips with Your Pup!

In honor of the first falling leaves, we’ve got some tips on how to make this fall season the best hiking season yet for you and your pet!

Experience the best of fall by choosing your hike based on the location. Nothing beats the colors of the turning leaves and the smell of the crisp air. It’s a chance for you and your dog to hit the trails and see something new!

There are bound to be puddles and muddy patches. Make clean-up easier for you by packing a dog towel to dry them off before they hop in the car to get home.

You can’t go wrong with carrying a doggie first-aid kit. Commonly, kits include items that can be used in case of splinters, bee stings, and other minor injuries.

Speaking of off-leash, not all places allow dogs to be off-leash and park rules should always be respected. Of course, bring along a harness and leash and maybe even an extra leash for those pups that like to get wet! Nothing like holding a soggy leash for the last half of your walk home or back to the car!

Fall essentials are rolling out from dog brands that are both functional and stylish. Our essentials consist of items like this puffer vest. A vest like this is compact, machine washable, wind-proof, water-resistant, and bright so you can easily spot your dog on the trails.

This bright orange quilted vest is a great essential for the cooler months for dogs that love to go off leash. If you’re looking to go more incognito, it comes in 4 other colors!

Another great essential is the coveted, 100% gum rubber, wagwellies. These booties are perfect for slippery, muddy, cold terrain making them the best companion for your dog’s paws. They are easy to slip on and off and even easier to clean, what’s not to love!

Always bring some water, a little bit of food and some collapsable bowls. These bowls are great for hikes of all season!

Fall is a great time to hit the trails with your dog. Get in a little exercise for you both while enjoying the cool crisp air, golden leaves! Don’t forget to snap a few cute pics along the way!

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